Unique Value Proposition

With over 20 year’s experience as a Purchasing Director in the automotive, truck, rail, hydraulic and energy sectors, I know that sourcing from the right supplier from the start is paramount to a successful project.

Failing to make the right supplier choice is a very costly and time consuming process to correct. I want to save you time, money and frustration.

All companies rely on the quality and talent of their employees to ensure sustainable, profitable growth.  To be really successful in today’s competitive & fast changing world, it is also of vital importance to ensure that the right suppliers form an integral part of your “extended enterprise”.

A company’s preferred suppliers should be able to respond to your daily priorities and have the flexibility to adapt with you to meet your future business challenges.

The unique value proposition I am offering is to save you the hassle of searching for that elusive best cost competitive supplier and provide you with the right long term partners from day one.  Ensuring your project launches on time within budget is my priority.

Through my Metal procurement hub, I propose to my customers a short list of strategically preferred companies that can produce a range of metal fabrication processes (Transfer & progressive stamping, bending, punching, laser cutting, welding, surface treatment, turning, multi axis CNC machining, aluminium casting, brass & alu hot forgings, fine blanking, magnetic laminations…)

These are companies that I have sourced from successfully for my own procurement requirements in my former life as a Procurement Director.   My reputation is founded upon the professionalism and integrity of the suppliers I represent, so you can be sure that I will only propose to you suppliers’ worthy of your trust.

These companies are reliable partners who will provide you with excellent quality and delivery service at a competitive price.

We all want to be in business for the long term and work with financially solid & profitable companies who have a diverse yet focused customer base.

I believe that I have selected companies within my Metal Procurement Hub that can help you with your short, medium and long term sourcing projects.

With my support and your business, I believe that together we can surpass all expectations.