EJSEN Precision Casting (Nantong) Co., Ltd.
No. 193 Ruixing Road NETDA Nantong Jiangsu Province         226009 China

(+86) 0513-89055468

Company Profile

Ejsen is a Danish family owned company established in 2004, we are located in Songjiang a suburb to Shanghai. Our core business area is CNC precision machining of aluminum parts, additionally we also have plastic injection molding.


We will strive through constant innovation to be among the best globally in our industry, without sacrificing our standards for code of conduct and environmental protection.


To be our clients obvious choice for customized aluminum and plastic injection molding parts with worldwide delivery and world class quality performance, combined with attractive total costs.


We wish to produce products which are useful to society, leaving smallest possible environmental footprint. We strive to treat our customers, employees and suppliers in an exemplary manner at all times.

Key strengths

  • Global competitive pricing
  • Proven record in terms of quality and delivery time
  • Lean production
  • High degree of automation
  • Hands on experience with aluminum and plastic injection molding components
  • Flexible and fast reaction to customer demands
  • All goods sold via Ejsen are covered by product liability insurance


  • Klaus Hansen, General Manager
  • Claus Petersen, Technical Director


EJSEN can deliver globally and we have warehouse in China, Europe and USA. EJSEN supply parts to more than 15 countries. Parts are packed according to customer agreed packing instructions. Parts can be shipped ex works, FOB or direct to the customer destination.


  • ISO9001 certification TUV (Reinland)
  • ISO14001 certification TUV (Reinland)
  • TS16949 under certification


EJSEN start all projects with a detailed design review for the manufacturing & assembly of the part. Our tooling, engineering and manufacturing team will review and feedback any risks, potential improvements and opportunities for cost downs.


Based on initial concepts from the customer, our engineering team make the detailed engineering and put together the necessary documentation to manufacture the components to the best cost and optimal quality.

Mold Flow Simulation

Casted parts will be analyzed and mold flow simulation will be repeated until we have a stable and reliable process for the casting of the component.

Project Management

EJSEN has an experienced team of project managers that follow the new part from order placement to PPAP release into serial production. The customer will be updated on all major progress during the project phase.



EJSEN can 3D print the part for design reviews, mould design, mould flow, machining and assembly fixtures. Parts can be made within 3 working days.

  • Cnc Machining

EJSEN support our major customers with machined prototyping. Parts can be machined from block or casted raw materials. Parts can be made within 5 working days.

  • Fast Cast

If the material properties are important in the prototyping EJSEN can FAST-CAST a raw material base block in the correct material which is then CNC machined to end shape. This method is especially useful for heat transfer issues typically found in power electronic applications. Parts can be made within 10 working days.


  • Sand Casting

Materials on demand. Tooling made in steel or aluminum. MOQ from 100 parts.

  • Low Pressure Die Casting

Ejsen hold more than 400 moulds for low pressure castings. We are especially strong in gear housings, cooler and diesel engine parts. Both the core and mould are made with close attention to extended life time. MOQ from 100 parts.

  • High Pressure Die Casting

Our machine size ranges from 280 to 3200 tonnes. Ejsen has a high level of experience with safety critical parts and where porosity needs to be tightly controlled by the tracking of mould data. The tool life time is controlled via our ERP database, We can have several tools used in a cycle for the same parts. MOQ from 1000 parts.


Cnc Machining

EJSEN has a wide range of vertical and horizontal machining centers. Programming and live feedback are possible via the DNS server network. CNC programs are simulated before actual machining. EJSEN can machine with 3 – 4 – 5 axis. MOQ from 1 part.

Leak Test & Assembly

EJSEN perform a wide range of secondary operations such as leak testing, punching, coils, sealing, gluing, welding, surtec650, powder coating and assembly before delivery. EJSEN can also offer to  purchase sub components directly at OEM suppliers and thus eliminate any additional handling.


EJSEN work according to TS16949, ISO9001 and ISO14001. We invest in quality. An aggressive SPC strategy is used throughout the workshop with the intensive use of SOP & SIP, CMM machines, live data collection and weekly team training. Tests such as X-ray, material analyze, tensile strength and hardness can be included in external tracking upon request.